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personal trainer in Woodland Hills CA Larry Cook
California Musclemania

Musclemania World Championships 5th place 2006.
NASM and AFAA Certified Advanced Fitness Trainer.
Fitness Model

Personal Trainer in Woodland Hills, CA

Woodland Hills Personal Trainer Larry Cook has over 15 years of experience as a personal trainer and competitive bodybuilder and physique competitor in the fitness industry. Larry majored in kinesiology in college. Larry has a certification as kickboxing instructor. He also possesses thorough knowledge of biomechanics applying to the neck, ankles, knees, and lower back.

Larry has been trained in the correction of all major postural distortions. Larry can use a combination of exercise, stretching, and massage to improve your posture and reduce aches and pains. Larry's experience as an amateur light-heavyweight bodybuilder has also made him an expert in weight loss, muscle gain, and shaping specific areas of the body. Larry's practice is now located in Woodland Hills.
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Larry's Clients
Woodland Hills personal training client Julie before and after
Julie: 8 weeks
bodyfat 15.5% to 8, minus 30 pounds
Over the years, I've tried a lot of different activities in the name of health and challenging myself (including becoming a vegan for 2 years and running a marathon), but I secretly always hoped it would give me that cover of Runners World physique. It didn't! Eventually, I had accepted that no matter how hard I worked, my body was naturally just oddly shaped and that I was fit and that's just good enough considering I was still in much better shape than most of the people I knew.

I honestly was blown away by the results that I saw in just the first 3 weeks of training with Larry! In addition to helping me get rid of my butt, Larry has been helping me correct posture issues that I wasn't even aware of eliminating knee pain I had occasionally gotten from running for the past 4 years.

He has a very in-depth knowledge of kinesiology and nutrition and has explained away many of the myths from those bizarre fad diets and exercise routines we try to ignore but that somehow get into our heads anyway. Probably the most valuable thing I've learned from Larry and Jason is that staying in great shape isn't nearly as time consuming as I had imagined it would be. I only wish I'd known this 10 years ago when I was working so hard for half of the results.
6 months 165 pounds and 16 % body fat to 147 pounds and 6% body fat
body transformation Woodland Hills Los Angeles
weight loss 10 weeks
10 weeks 190 pounds and 16% body fat to 170 pounds and 8% body fat
I have worked with a number of trainers over the years so I have a good basis for comparison. I was happy with my other trainers at the time but Larry has proven to be the best. He has an excellent knowledge of physiology, and a keen awareness of how each exercise looks when done properly. He explains each exercise in simple terms that I understand easily. He is able to tell me exactly where I should feel each exercise, allowing me to know whether I’m doing it correctly. His feedback gives each of my work-outs optimum efficiency. I have obtained incredible results, and learned a lot in a short time. Larry is very professional. I never feel intimidated or embarrassed even if I can’t do something right away. He always puts me at ease, interjecting encouragement and humor. He makes the work-outs as much fun as they are effective.
5 months, 5'4" 180 pounds to 147 pounds
I've trained with Larry for over 3 years and initially my goal was to lose 20 lbs and tone certain areas of my body. Larry made that challenge fun and attainable. But the true testament to Larry's skills is teaching me how to keep it off and still be able to enjoy my life.

Anybody can lose weight; the challenge is keeping it off. I've been able to keep the 20 lbs off ever since and continue to train with Larry to stay healthy and fit. Larry has taught me how to eat properly so that I can stay at my goal weight while still enjoying the finer things
in life (that would be ice cream).
female personal training weight loss
male weight loss
weight 174 lbs.
body fat 11.5
weight 169 lbs.
body fat 8.7
Larry takes that dreaded workout and turns it into an eagerly anticipated experience. He mixes up each session keeping it exciting yet challenging. He knows how to push you both mentally and physically to achieve maximum results and his customized program has included an easily adaptable nutrition plan, full body resistance routine and flexible cardio sessions. All I can say is results, results, results.... Thanks Larry!
Iman Saberi
8 weeks, 197 pounds and 20% body fat to 181 pounds and 14% body fat
I came to Larry with a bulging disk, a very high body fat percentage, and a whole lot of weight. My back pain has significantly decreased, I feel more mobile and quick when playing basketball, and most importantly have lost over 12 Lbs in 4 weeks. Larry is the most attentive and concerned trainer I have ever seen. He is always available and welcoming to questions. I would recommend him to anyone for anything relating to health and life wellness.
Iman Saberi
fitness trainer back pain
build muscle lose fat
Dan Cohen
20 weeks, 152 and 18% body fat, bulk up 176 pounds and 22% body fat, cut down to 143 pounds and 5% body fat.
I had three trainers in the San Fernando Valley before Larry. But shortly after I started working out with him, I was 100% sure he is simply the best. He is very knowledgeable about anatomy kinesiology and nutrition. What impresses me even more is his approach to personal training. He is really focused, disciplined and extremely patient. He adapts the training programs according to how your body responds. He creates a very supportive environment, and at the same time, motivates and challenges you to push the limit. He really cares about your progress and checks on your diet and weight every day. On top of all these, he has a great personality and is a wonderful friend who brings tons of positive energy into my life. I only wish I had found him earlier and now he is absolutely indispensable in my pursuit of a better body.
Dan Cohen
total body transformation Woodland Hills
Alex Cohen
8 weeks, 207.5 pounds and 16.5% body fat to 195 pounds and 8.5% body fat
I have been competitively bodybuilding for the past 2 years. I have worked with two other personal trainers to help me reach my weight loss and muscle gain goals. But it is really in the past 7 months working with Larry that i have learned the most about muscle gain and fat loss. When it comes to Nutrition i do not know someone who is more knowledgeable then Larry. I have surpassed all the goals i set for myself under his training. If youd like to reach that weight loss or muscle gain goal you set for yourself Larry is the man that can really show you the way.
Alex Cohen
bodybuilding Woodland Hills
over 50 fat loss before and after
bodyfat 20% to 13.6%, minus 15 pounds
I got to a point in my life where I needed to change the way I looked and felt. Even though I had worked with various trainers over the years (with mixed results) I really wanted an instructor who motivated me to do well, cared about my progress and kept me interested every session. Hands down, Larry Cook is that trainer. Larry made me accountable for my diet, designed a weight training program for my specific needs and made reaching my goal(s) fun. When my wife, family and friends compliment the "new me" it's a wonderful feeling, and it validates who Larry is as a trainer. He is simply the best.
Robert Brajas
6 months, 140 pounds and 14% body fat, bulk up to 170 pounds and 18% body fat, cut down to 144 pounds and 5 % body fat
Larry is great. He works with you so your goals are manageable and you see results. He's not the type of trainer that barks orders at you, but he also not the type that goes easy on you. It's a good combination and I highly recommend him!
before and after personal trainer client
18 weeks, 147 pounds and 9% body fat, bulk upto 172 pounds and 15% body fat, cutdown to 154 pounds and 6.5% body fat
build muscle before and after client
Chris Beber
8 weeks lost 14 pounds beginning bodyfat 12% to ending 6.5% body fat
gain mass before and after
7 months, 5'1" 193 pounds with body fat unknown to 127 pounds and 19.6 % body fat
If you are ready and willing to do the work, you won't find a trainer who is more motivated to help you. He is generous with his knowledge and his time. He knows how to increase your strength, speed your metabolism, help you effectively lose body fat, and give you life long habits which will enable you to maintain your results.

Working with Larry has changed my life. He has made me laugh, he has listened to me whine, but he always brings me back to task. I was intimidated to begin working with a trainer, since I had a great deal of weight to lose, but he has never made me feel self conscious. I am so grateful to have had him on my side during this journey to fitness. I have worked hard, but success would have been impossible without his fierce dedication and his unwavering support.



female weight loss before and after

Melanie: 8 Weeks
personal training before and after
weight 130 lbs.
body fat 15%
weight 117 lbs.
body fat 10.6%
Doug Wolf
Just wanted to take a few minutes to say what an amazing trainer Larry has been. He has an incredible knowledge of exercises, stretches and diet, and has a very clear and easily understood manner in communicating them. His attention to correct and proper form was particularly strong, and I know I carry that over when I exercise on my own. I feel I have made tremendous progress since I have started with him, and I would ,and do, highly recommend him to everyone I meet that is looking for a trainer. Thanks to you and to Larry!
Sean Obyrne
Larry Cook quite simply gave me my body back. At 52 years of age I had made concessions and plainly accepted that this was the body I would have for the rest of my life. Larry's knowledge of the muscular skeletal system and how to train it was transformative for me. His understanding of diet and nutrition and the role it plays in my health, training and well being greatly added to my success. And he is just a great guy, a great trainer and a great friend. And I have a whole new possibility when it comes to my body mind and spirit. I find myself often silently thanking him for his contribution. The best.
Karen Antonelli
I have rheumatoid arthritis and Larry has been able to push me without aggravating my condition. He has been truly wonderful.
Stacy Chandler
Larry has been excellent at retraining my muscles groups to work properly and has reduced my low back and shoulder pain. Larry is great at working on my form and getting great functional as well as visual results.
Liza Chandra
Larry has made me enjoy exercising. He made me work hard and I appreciate the results. He is the best trainer I ever had.
Julia Marshall
I am over 50 and had never worked with a fitness trainer before coming to Larry. I have only been working with him for a few months but am very happy with the results so far and plan to continue working with him. Larry is extremely knowledgeable. He is also kind, caring and patient. I appreciate his thoughtfulness and creativity in designing exercises for me that accommodate my specific workout goals and physical limitations. He makes working out fun and challenging without being intimidating.
personal trainer programs

Woodland Hills personal trainer Larry

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16 WEEK SERIES: $75 per session (48 sessions) three days per week.

8 WEEK SERIES: $85 per session (24 sessions) three days per week.

6 WEEK SERIES: $90 per session (18 sessions) three days per week.

4 WEEK SERIES: $95 per session (12 sessions) three days per week.

2 WEEK JUMP START: $100 per session (6 sessions) three days per week.

ACCELERATED PROGRAM: 4-6 sessions per week for the fastest results!

STARTER PROGRAM: Ideal for just getting yourself started.

IN HOME / ON LOCATION with Triangle Theory Team Trainers. Rates vary from $65 to $125 per session by location. Call for details.
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